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View From The 13th
September 12, 2011, 12:23 pm
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Lovely to know that no one can peep into your house and that the greenery will help boost your eyesight – unfortunately the stupid haze is back, which explains the white sheet of sky. Indonesia, you better wake up your idea…


Change Is Tiring
September 12, 2011, 12:32 am
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Spent the past two days moving into our new pad and it was EXHAUSTING. I didn’t carry much, but I could feel the strain on my lower back. Sigh. Surprisingly, I do have a fair amount of energy in the day these days, and am able to sleep through the night without visiting the toilet in the midst of it. Can’t wait to visit the gynae later to ask if it’s any time soon because it is less than 2 weeks away!

We finally moved in (and slept on our new bed) on 10th September, and our house was “warmed” by Hubs’ close friends who had been of great help to us. The place looks fantastic – shall take photos when we have finally moved everything in. Let’s just hope that the place would not be wrecked by the cats too soon! Today’s moving was… more tiring as we had to move all our 9 cats over (which is seriously no joke). Half of them were freaking out and stressed, and besides the alpha male who is chilling at my feet, now all of them are hiding somewhere recovering from the shock. I guess it’s not easy for them at all, considering that for most of them it was their first time moving into a new environment. There are still quite a number of things left to be moved from the old place, and we have decided to give ourselves this week to finish moving in so that we can finally hand over the keys to the new owner.

It might be my hormones, and it might just be me who really treasures my privacy, but I am still not used to having an outsider at home. It stresses me out, from time to time, how my helper would “jump” at every opportunity to help when I do not need it, and how she is constantly asking me what else is there to do. She is quite a fast worker but not really a thorough one, so sometimes I have to ask her to do things again. Moreover, her English is really very bad and she cannot even understand simple sentences – we have to break up our sentences in phrases over and over, which can be very tiring. It doesn’t help when she has broken at least three things within the month – not intentionally, of course, but to me it is bad enough. I am trying to get her to learn cooking from my mother, but even my mother (whose English isn’t the most powerful) felt that she could not be understood easily.

Sigh. Well, I can only hope that things will get better in time to come. I am quite clear that my helper should only help our with household chores and nothing else, but I am also quite clear I would probably get a helper from elsewhere in the future – I simply have no patience to overcome language barrier.

It’s All Coming Together
September 6, 2011, 12:00 am
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Had my first coconut drink yesterday and it was ugh. I never like the taste of coconut water but since my mother said that it would be good for the delivery I thought that I would just try one. Oh well, since I only need to take this once a week, I guess it isn’t that bad 🙂

Went to the gynae today again and Baby J is now 3.003kg (contrary to what the countdown timer has stated on the left bar – 3.4kg seems a little big for now)! Seems like he’s of good size and I’ve gained 10.8kg in total thus far 🙂 I was checking the previous ultrasound scans and realize that his head has not grown any bigger but he seems to be putting on weight. I guess that’s good then! Now it’s just waiting for things to happen… apparently according to Hubs’ colleague, the bursting of the waterbag is likened to the popping of champagne! Hmmm…

Today is my (official) last day of work (needed to clear some stuff so had to go back to school today) and the start of September school holidays! I know I’m gonna be so thoroughly bored for now because there isn’t much packing to do and there isn’t much packing I can do though. Most of the furniture and appliances are coming in this week, so we are hoping to move this coming Saturday 🙂 that will be one massive task that I can’t really help out in. We’ve got quite a lot more small items to purchase and there isn’t much time left… oh well, I’m sure things will be all right in the end, somehow…

70% Done
August 21, 2011, 4:58 pm
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A lot of the boxes are hidden from view as they are stacked all the right towards the right where the picture ends, so it may seem like there isn’t much. But yes, still got a bit left to pack before we are officially done!

6 More Working Days
August 19, 2011, 10:15 pm
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Every day, I count down to my colleague about how we only have 6 more working days to the end of the term, and boy am I looking forward to it. Maybe not to the sleepless nights… but it is time for a decent break. School has just been so… tiring of late. I guess I’m just sian of  being worried for other people’s children (ok, that sounded really selfish). I’m really thankful for this year, with all those elections and stuff, as it has allowed us to have more (unexpected) holidays. Nonetheless, the last 6 working days before I take my leave will be busy days, and I hope I can survive them well!

The house is coming along fine, although I really wish that we could move in soon. Baby J is also ok, wiggling still even though he doesn’t have much space left. I’m gonna miss this sensation once he comes out. Just yesterday I had very bad cramps and for a moment I thought that I was going to give birth… haha.

The weekend is here and there is more packing and buying of stuff to be done… anything but teaching for now will be good 😛

A New Addition to the Family
August 7, 2011, 4:04 pm
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When we knew that we were having Baby J and the new house, we had to sit down and discuss about our finances. I must admit, being good in math does not mean that I love the idea of dealing with numbers, and I certainly did not like the idea of discussing about money because I always feel that 谈钱伤感情. But anyways, we needed to save more money and so we made the decision to hire a full-time stay-in helper.

We used to have a part-time help who came to clean the place and whatnots 3 times a week. However, that amount of money was actually enough to pay a full-time stay-in helper, and we have decided that since Baby J would be arriving soon and we could do with all the help we could at home, we might as well get a helper. After hearing recommendations from friends, we decided to go with Top Maids, an agency which specializes in Burmese maids. The thing about Burmese maids is that although they can read and write English fairly well, their spoken English is not top-notch as they do not use it much back home. Our new helper is 3 years younger than me (and that honestly feels very weird) but she has been really hardworking and on the ball for the past 2 days. She learns things pretty quickly even though we needed to speak really slowly and repeat ourselves to get the point across.

Right now, the idea of having a helper at home is still weird as we were so used to having just us and the cats around. We need to take note of another person’s well-being, and the process is made tough when there is a language barrier. But so far (it’s only been 2 days anyway) it’s been good, and hopefully she will stay good for a long time to come. 🙂

Halfway There! (Of Term 3, That Is)
July 30, 2011, 2:06 am
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I’ve finally survived 5 weeks of school and I seriously cannot wait for the term to end. It’s getting more tiring as the days go by, and with the sudden ballooning of my body, I’m feeling more strained trying to climb up stairs. My feet are starting to swell (argh water retention) and it’s getting more difficult to pick up things from the floor. Sometimes my ankles are so swollen that doing simple rotation exercises hurt a little. Sigh.

I’m also finally not being able to fit into all the baggy clothes I have and I’m now fully on maternity clothes (yes, that’s how baggy my clothes were haha – tunics rule!). I’m just thankful that the end is near and I can finally have my break from school. Maybe it is physical, or emotional, or physiological, but I’m just so tired of working, and yet at the same time thinking about not working scares me off a little. Time and time again, people “warned” me about how it would be “worse” when the baby comes, but I really hope I can make it through and be the best mom that I can be. Strange it may sound, but I (still) find it difficult to show my love and concern to the people I care through words and action. Perhaps my upbringing had a part to play in this.

Taka Baby Fair is now on and we managed to complete our shopping list for now 🙂 am really thankful for my financial planner who passed me more hand-me-downs! We are also thankful for friends who are constantly passing us things that they had bought for their children of which they had outgrown, so we really saved quite a fair bit. 🙂

All savings gone to the house anyways 😛 We’ve been packing to get ready to move into our new house, and with all the baby stuff the study room (aka the most sterile store area in the house) is crowded to the max. Our packing is kind of mostly done, and we are just left with the storeroom and the kitchen to clear out (that would be two massive tasks, but thank goodness the helper is coming) before packing is officially concluded.

Week 32 is here already. Just 8 more to go! Can’t wait to see my baby next Monday 😉