bittersweet solitude of a fireflower

Happy Birthday
April 13, 2015, 9:40 pm
Filed under: Emo Binge


She alighted from her taxi, and walked briskly to their meeting point. Oh dear, I’m so late. Her eyes searched the sea of people, and spotted him. 

Where are you?

Try looking for me 😉

He walked to and fro, walking past her unsuspectedly. She had worn a new dress to surprise him, and he hadn’t had a clue at all. Then without a word, she felt his arms around her. There you are, his words gently float into her ear as he turned her around and kissed her forehead. So playful you are, playing such games with me. He handed her a lily; he remembered. 

They went to the top of their world, where it was just them and the beauty of the cityscape. The colonial past blended with the modern present, basking in the dusk. One by one windows of nearby buildings lit up, like flowers blossoming in springtime. We have a beautiful country, all thanks to our founding father. 

They clinked their glasses of red, slowly savouring each drop. Every bite of their meal was accompanied with peals of laughter, flirtatious banter, and wrinkles on noses. They kissed, they ate, they drank, they watched the world go by. 

As the night came to a close, a cake came visiting. You didn’t think I’ll forget, right? Happy birthday, dear. Happy birthday to us. A pleasant surprise it was; after all, it had been a full meal. The wine did its work and their tongues were in a trance, entering each other’s mouths in search of the bittersweet tenderness of the chocolate cake. The kiss was absolutely delicious, and they could not get enough of it. 

I wish to spend every birthday with you. 

Me too.


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